Make your marketing actions personal

Increase the reach of your direct email marketing campaigns by 30% and multiply the CTR of your ads by 15

The most advanced user social profile

Xeerpa analyses the data that your customers share in the social networks, creating an individual profile for each of them

Oscar is 32 years old, he is from Barcelona and is now living in London
He studied journalism and currently works for a national newspaper in the UK
He’s got many friends, who seem to like his posts. Oscar always has something to say!
He is a great customer, very influential, but still not very engaged with our brand
His passion is photography, and he also likes indie cinema and electronic music
At the weekend he hangs out at the West End, and frequently flies back to Spain

Consumer preferences

Discover the products and brands that your users prefer, all the things that really interest them and their score in Xeerpa’s over 300 categories.

Brand ambassadors

Identify your most loyal and influential customers, focus your efforts on those who represent the most value and ROI for your business.

Social Connections

Analyse how influential each of your users is, how they connect with friends, who they follow and who is following them.


Precisely locate your users and create powerful direct marketing actions based on their most frequent geo-locations or travel patterns.


Discover the conversation topics in which your users participate, the things they talk about and who joins those conversations.

Promo hunters

Identify users that are only after your give-aways and prizes, not your brand. With Xeerpa you can exclude them from your analysis and targets.

Keep an eye on competitors

Identify which customers and fans are also following your competitors, so you can devise your retention and loyalty strategies accordingly.

Apps and platforms

With Xeerpa you may also know which apps, games and platforms your customers use with their mobile devices, including third-parties.

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